Welcome to Sadler Computers

We are a Nottingham based business, which sells rFactor2 dedicated servers that start from just £7.99 a month. 

Our powerful Intel Xeon based rFactor2 dedicated gaming server will have you covered. Whether you are an rFactor2 sim racing league or a sim racing team we are confident we can supply a server that will be reliable and above all cost effective. Our rFactor2 servers are fully customizable to what settings you desire. Providing a worry-free racing experience.

Sadler Computers also specialise in building and configuring brand new, custom specification, gaming computers. We offer gaming computers at a variety of different price points. We are confident we can build a gaming computer to fit your needs and price point.

3D track modelling is a core part to our business. We are currently in the process of creating some brand-new real-life racing tracks, which are fully licensed, to rFactor2. Fast flowing and exciting circuits that you are guaranteed to enjoy.